Proofreading Services

It's not always easy to spot the errors in your own work, and that's where a good proofreader comes in!

As a qualified proofreader I am able to work on hard copy (either “blind" or against copy), electronically on PDF, or on Word using track changes. I am fully proficient in the use of British Standard Proofreading Symbols. As a Professional member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP) I adhere to their code of practice at all times.

Proofreading is the final stage of the editing process and it is not the time for making major changes. If your work needs this then you should think about getting it copy-edited first. Proofreading is about giving your work that professional polish and helping to make your material fit for purpose.

What does a proofreader do?

When working on your document I will do the following:

  • Correct spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • Ensure consistency of style and usage within the document
  • Check that page numbers and headers are correct
  • Check that tables, illustrations and captions match and are clear
  • Check that page numbers in the table of contents matches the text
  • Ensure that the house or chosen style is followed throughout

For further information, the CIEP website provides an excellent description of the role of a proofreader.

Why should I use a proofreader?

However good you are at spelling, grammar, etc., it can be extremely difficult to spot the errors in your own work. Spell check functions can't be relied on to catch all the mistakes in your document, for example if you had intended to type ‘house' it won't notice if you have put ‘horse'! Also, spell check can't tell if you have completely missed a word out of a sentence, which might change its entire meaning. I can help you with any kind of written material and will provide a professional and reliable service. I will work closely with you to meet your needs and will be helpful, friendly and courteous at all times. No work is outsourced - it is all proofread by me personally. If for any reason I would be unable to accept a project, I would endeavour to recommend a colleague for you to contact.

Any document sent to LSR Editorial Services is kept in the strictest confidence.